Courtney Ann Photography | Connecticut photographer

About Courtney

Hi!  I'm Courtney.

I'm a Fairfield County, Connecticut photographer and have had a camera in my hand since I can remember (with the photo albums and hard drives to prove it!).  But there’s more to me than my love of photography.  

I prefer to be barefoot with a straw hat on and heavily SPF-d in summer.  I love quiet moments and am happiest at home surrounded by family.  

I’m a beginner gardener but an expert cupcake baker.  A legit J.Crew and Anthropologie addict who has dessert after every single meal (including breakfast!).  

"We do not remember days,

we remember moments." 

Carrying on family and friend traditions is something I will move mountains for because they anchor our lives in such an important way.    I still flip through old photo albums at my parents' house and share silly laughs with my brother and sister about our bowl haircuts (thank you, Mom!), reminisce about how fashionable our grandmother was and remember details we had forgotten. 

I'm passionate about bringing your digital memories into your family's hands so that these walks down memory lane continue.