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For Fun: Get Tipsi

Errbody in the club getting Tipsi… 

Do you like wine?  Me too!  But I don’t know how to pick out a wine that a) I know I’ll love and b) complements my meal.  I’ve gone through quite a few glasses that weren’t quite the best.  Lucky for us, there’s a company developing an app that will help you choose a wine with your dinner at a restaurant!  Using the actual wine menu at the restaurant to suggest a specific wine. It has an amazing name: Tipsi.  This is big.  There are apps out there already that recommend wines, but only at a generic level (try a Pinot Noir with that dish).  It’s just not helpful because there are so many different variations within a type of wine, and you probably won’t like all of them.  I had the opportunity to take a picture of one of their fantastic sommeliers for their website,, and so I wanted to share with all of you.  Check out their website for now, and when their app is released, order wine like an expert!  

Also, be sure to scroll to the bottom to get introduced to the sommeliers and check out my photos.  I took Anani Lawson’s pictures – he’s extremely passionate about wine and educating people about it!


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