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Bringing Home Hudson Pup

January was full of a lot of things this year: snow, freezing cold temperatures and a cute puppy! I'm happy to share our story and photos of the little guy who slowed down my blogging this winter.  My husband and I didn't grow up with dogs (in fact, I was pretty scared of them!) and honestly I had no idea welcoming one into our family would be such a change.  But, of course, I wouldn't have it any other way now :)

We had a little bit of an interesting journey bringing this guy home.  After lots of research and plenty of experience with friends' dogs, we knew we wanted a Lab - especially for their warm personalities and intelligence.  After that, we had another decision to make: contact a breeder or look into adoption.  Given that we'd never looked at getting any type of pet ever, we didn't really know about either, and decided to start by seeing what rescue shelters were around us and what the process was like.  I started on and was really surprised at the number of just Labs that were looking for a home.  At that point, we didn't look back and focused on finding the right rescue for our family.

I did not realize how hard that would be!  We found a couple of dogs that seemed perfect, applied and were turned down for various reasons (we found a lot of dogs would do best in a home with other dogs around).  One day I applied to some Lab mix puppies that had just been shared online.  The next night, I received a phone call from For The Love of Labs that the puppies had too many applications in front of us to be able to get them -- but, she was fostering another dog that might be a good fit.  He was a Lab mix - most likely with some Beagle in him - about 7 months old, house trained, very sweet and loves toys.  She sent over some videos and more pictures and I felt my heart swell.  This guy was for us.

I sent in an immediate application with photos of our house and yard.  And we were approved!  I went to PetSmart the next day to get everything he would need - fun toys, cozy blankets and delicious treats. We were all set to visit the puppy when he had a little bit of a medical emergency (he chewed on a pill bottle) and had to postpone the pickup for a week.  I was so anxious and excited to get him!  We patiently waited for a week and on a Friday night, drove the 2 hours away to pick him up - right before a huge snowstorm hit the next day!  He was a trooper during the car ride home which I'm sure was so scary for him, and we had about a week of whiny nights - but he has settled in so well!

Oh and his name is Hudson - named after the river where my husband and I lived in Battery Park City, were engaged next to and eventually married on.  I may be biased but I think he is the most handsome puppy ever!!  He loves playing with (and destroying) toys, running around in circles, playing tug of war with us, chasing birds, inhaling his food and taking very luxurious naps (on every comfortable sofa or bed in our house).  We are finally into a routine and his personality opens up more and more every day which I'm so thankful for.  He's not quite happy about strangers but we're working on it :) And working on swimming!  He's not a fan so far - but we'll pull that Lab expertise out of him soon.

Thank you for sticking through and reading this whole post!  Hudson has been such a source of joy and learning for us.  He does the funniest things.  His favorite toy right now is a ribbon from a Net-A-Porter delivery.  His ears flip back sometimes and he looks like he's going to a black tie gala.  Enjoy the photos of our Hudson Pup!