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5 Tips for Your Newborn Session



Those first few weeks can be described as exhausting, rewarding, blurry and incredible.  You may be wondering how you can manage preparing for a visitor, let alone a whole photography session.   Trust me, I don’t want to add any stress to this time in your life – when sleep is a precious commodity and comfy clothes are life.

If you’re a first-time parent, you may have allll the questions.  Even if you’re a seasoned pro, that newborn phase can feel so long ago.  Luckily, with years of experience, I am here to make this a wonderful and memorable experience for you.  So kick back, relax, and get ready to spend two hours just gazing at your newborn.


1. Keep it warm & cozy

Cold babies are unhappy babies!  They are so used to being snuggly and warm, and even sleeping on a bed with a onesie on can be chilly for them.  I recommend turning your heat up a few extra degrees during your session.  Whenever I’m not photographing your baby alone, he or she will be wrapped in a blanket in your arms.  We want them to be as happy as possible!

2. A quick tidy up

The only thing I’ll ask you to tidy up is your bed.  Pull up the sheets and comforter, place the pillows on the bed – and if you have it in you, a quick clearing of your nightstands!  This helps us get right to photographing your (hopefully) sleeping baby right away.  But of course, if you can’t get this done before I arrive – no worries!  I’m here to help 🙂  Lighter colored bedding photographs beautifully, and I always bring an extra quilt just in case.

3. Prevent ‘hanger’

If possible, plan to feed your baby right before I arrive.  I love for them to be in a milk-drunk sleep when I arrive. But if your baby has a different plan, we just roll with it!

Babies run the show. So they may nap perfectly for you before the shoot, or they may not. They may be all for cuddling and sleeping on your chest for the entire session without as much as a peep, or they may demand to stop and eat every 10 minutes. I have seen it all, and nothing discourages me from creating beautiful portraits no matter what. You can stop and feed, change, and even breathe as much you need to.

4. Take care of yourself

Whether you just gave birth, welcomed a baby via surrogate or adopted a little one, during this time you may have forgotten to take some care for yourself!  It’s understandable – there’s a sweet baby who is in need of lots of attention and time.  If you’re able to, get your nails done, blow out your hair or take a relaxing bath.  There are nail and hair artists who will even come to your house!  If that’s too much to think about, make sure you’re drinking lots of water and eating your favorite foods (mine is funfetti cupcakes).

5. Slow is okay

Remember that slow is ok. During our session, I often step back and wait, evaluating the light and waiting for the perfect moment to press the shutter. During this time, I urge you to not feel as though you are under pressure to do something, or pose a certain way. Simply take a deep breath and enjoy the ones you are with. Those are the authentic moments I am looking for, and it doesn’t happen in a rush.


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