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Family Video FAQ’s


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If your children are growing a mile a minute and you aren’t in any of your family photographs, I think it’s time to schedule a family photography session!


What is a Family Video?

I like to think of these videos as moving portraits, almost like the photographs from Harry Potter, put together in a story about your family 🙂   Imagine it as a highlight reel of your family right now – the way your children’s curls blow in the wind, throw their heads back when they laugh and run absolutely everywhere.  How chubby hands fit into yours, swinging back and forth.  And how the silliness of kids brings joy to their parents.

These are details that are best captured by video.  In practical terms, it’s about a 2 minute video set to music, showcasing your favorite people in the world.  Share it with your family and friends and spread the love!


How do you film my Family Video?

I seamlessly switch between photographing and videoing your family during our session together.  I use my same camera to do both!

Our session will flow the same way as always, with lots of games, snuggling and laughter.




Why should I book a Family Video?

To me, this is just another tool that we have to stop time, and strengthen our memories.  Photographs are wonderful, and will always be my first love, filling albums and my walls.  But, recently I digitized all the tapes from my husband’s childhood, and we watched them together with huge smiles on our faces.  It was so, so special to have this glimpse into who he and his family were, way back when I didn’t know him.  That’s an incredibly special gift to give or share, and it’s why I became a photographer in the first place.

One of the amazing things about having a Family Video is being able to easily have your children watch it.  I know that they absolutely love watching videos, and even more so when they are in it!



How is my Family Video delivered?

At the same time your online photography gallery is delivered, I’ll send along a link to your video (on Vimeo).

You’ll be able to download it to safely store on your computer, the cloud or a hard drive.




Do I get to choose the music?

I very selectively choose the music to your video to match the energy of your family and the vibe of the location.  I take a lot of time to find the best song for your video, and license it properly.  The music is instrumental and includes acoustic guitar or piano – and should make you feel all the feels.


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